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Today we salute the lawyers among us; those hard working men and women who toil away in ancient law libraries, who do battle in courtrooms and who drive Mercedes-Benz automobiles to barbecues.
We all know at least one. They were the kids in elementary school who constantly argued with the teacher….and won. They were the kids in high school who had already mapped out their future thirty years in advance. They were the kids in college who could talk a cop out of a traffic ticket because they knew the law better than the cop.
We know how hard you work. You are the giants of the legal profession. Your workload would stagger Hercules and yet day after day you roll up your sleeves and twist the law into a pretzel of your own making. Your double-talk is legendary and heaven help the poor slob who walks into a courtroom looking for justice. You will set him straight once and for all.
You really do need a vacation! It is incredibly exhausting racking up those billable hours from the cocktail lounge or the race track. It’s time to kick back, change into your Brooks Bros. leisure suit, and hit the open road for some fun and adventure. We highly suggest the following locations in the United States.
Ah, there is nothing quite like the peaceful Southern charm of Yellville, Arkansas. Nestled in a country holler, Yellville radiates charm like a public defender radiates frustration. We don’t know exactly what that means but it sounds amusing so just go with it.
Make sure you come in August for the annual Pig Holler Festival. Big Jim, a local legend, will be dazzling the folks with his pig imitations (some unintentional) and the sounds of the real pigs in pens will remind you of a pack of lawyers chasing after ambulances. It is a must see event.
Nothing says lawyer like Hooker, California. A little known fact about Hooker: this town is entirely populated by former ladies of the evening, all free on bail after some fine attorneys found loopholes in the local statutes. The patron saint of Hooker is Gloria Steinbutt, who single-handedly took on the Supreme Court in the famous case Daisy Huge Boobs vs. the United States. There is a wonderful statue of Gloria in the town square, right next to the Two Tricks For Fifty Bucks Café.
Lawyers can get their pipes cleaned for free in Hooker; just make sure you have all of your shots before entering the town. One other word of caution: If you are into being recognized you might want to avoid this town; this is one place where a clap is not a good thing.
Tucked away in the northwest part of this lovely state is Last Chance, a town of very grateful citizens who feel like they won the national lottery due to some fine plea bargaining by Grizzly Mason, step-brother of Perry Mason of television fame. Yes, there really was a Perry Mason. He has gone to that big bench in the sky but his legacy lives on with Grizzly.
Spend the night at the Tort Bed & Breakfast, and while you are there make sure you enjoy some theater at the Miranda Playhouse. Just make sure to keep your mouth shut while enjoying the show. What you say there can and will be held against you.
Southern charm awaits you at Uncle Sam. There is nothing quite like getting your clothes washed and pressed at the Taking It In The Shorts Laundromat. For laughs stop by the Uncle Sam Casino, where the deck is stacked against those who have nothing.
Each year in early September there is a local competition held that you won’t want to miss. Representatives from the FBI and CIA converge on Uncle Sam and play back illegal tapes of conversations captured during Grand Jury hearings. The prize goes to the most damaging tape played; the losers, of course, will be indicted at the end of the competition. Great fun!
If you are a lawyer then you are quite familiar with Cockeysville. Where else could you see residents of a town strut about in thousand dollar suits like peacocks during mating season? Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Status Symbol Boulevard, or have some fun at the carnival in the center of town where you can shoot rifles loaded with legal mumbo-jumbo and double-talk your way out of the Double Jeopardy Maze.
Remember that there is a statute of limitations on fun in Cockeysville, so plan on living fast and loose with the rules while visiting.
If you ever visit Olive Branch make sure you use the Subpoena Fun Tokens while visiting the Grand Jury Inn. Ten tokens will get you a free Plea Bargain Steak. It might be a little tough to swallow but trust me, you’ll get used to it, and it goes down much better than a Guilty Burger! Those suckers will give you indigestion for 2-4 years at least.
Have a toke on us at the Arraignment Bar & Grill, but make sure you don’t inhale or you’ll be visiting the Incarceration Palace of Pain and that ain’t no joke! Many an unsuspecting lawyer has made the mistake of visiting the bar without being properly prepared, only to be strip searched and had their habeas corpus violated. Nope, that ain’t no joke! Do not inhale!
This town is not for every lawyer. Only those who are willing to drive the straight and narrow roads in this town should visit. Stray off the beaten path in Truth Or Consequences and you are liable to find yourself stuck in Perjury Valley, and that’s a dead end road with no turnaround. Best stay away from this town unless you have probable cause to visit.
After a tough year of dealing with clients, this is the perfect vacation spot to remind you why you became a lawyer in the first place. Relax in the Eminent Domain Spa but don’t be surprised if you are evicted shortly after arrival. That’s part of the charm of this quaint village.
Read the plaque that sits just outside the Bench Warrant Tavern. The plaque commemorates the day F. Lee Bailey visited and his words are there for all lawyers to gain inspiration from : “I never met a client I didn’t like unless, of course, they didn’t have any money.” Wow! Talk about inspiration!
Make this a quick visit; you don’t want this town’s charm to rub off on you. In fact, give yourself a restraining order and leave post haste. Just make sure you have a snack at Ye Olde Bail Soda Fountain. The Sleeze Brothers own this landmark but get there early; they close for adjournment at five sharp each and every day. In fact, it might be better to just skip bail and head to the last spot on our list.
In the words of Cheetham Hill’s founding father, “You can cheat him until the cows come home but don’t expect leniency or an appeal.” These are tough town folk, and they have been known to stuff your affidavit where the sun doesn’t shine, so walk softly and carry a big alibi!
Yes, we have more summer vacation suggestions. Next time we’ll be taking a look at great Summer Vacation Destinations for Morticians. Until then, we wish all of you lawyers a great vacation, and we hope you don’t suffer permanent linguistic problems from constantly practicing double-talk gibberish.
2012 William D. Holland (aka billybuc)
For more great vacation ideas see the following:



To purchase any of my books on Kindle, go to:
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=William%20D.%20HollandHiring an attorney for even the smallest of tasks can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. There are many factors to consider, but experience and cost are the most important. Hiring a lawyer basically involves a three-step process: find prospective lawyers, attend initial consultations, and make a final selection. The first thing you must do is find prospective lawyers. There are many ways to find a lawyer, but one of the best ways is to contact your state’s bar association. The state bar has a complete directory of every lawyer in your state. More importantly, the state bar keeps track of all formal complaints and disciplinary actions. You can also conduct a basic web search or look in the Yellowpages.
Next, you should choose at least five prospective lawyers to consider. Much like hiring a contractor to do home repair work, its best to get several “estimates” to compare. Before you contact the lawyers on your list, you should disqualify any attorney who has too many complaints or who has pending disciplinary action with the state bar. You can check the disciplinary status of lawyers in your state by visiting your state’s bar association website. You can also check lawyer review sites such as Avvo.com or Lawyerratingz.com for client reviews. However, since such sites alDay in the life of a LAWYER!
Jeremy brings the camera along for a normal day at work as a lawyer! WE POST DAILY FAMILY VLOGS! Father/Mother of 4 | Lawyer/Nurse | Homeschoolers …

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Achieve the Goals You Set: Use the Law of Attraction

You couldn’t wait to meet the other woman in
your fiancé’s life. Visions of outings at the mall, gossiping over coffee and
sharing each others clothes danced in your head. How could the woman who raised
your brilliant beau not be a kindred spirit? If you are reading this article chances are things did not go according to your pre-nuptial fantasies.
Perhaps your thoughts have taken a darker turn these days. Maybe you’ve
considered changing your cell number, or buying real estate in Costa Rica.

If mother/daughter relationship is often fraught with drama, it is not
surprising that the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law dynamic can be even more
difficult. Why is it so hard to relate to the woman who raised the man in your life? How
can you relate to this woman who comes from a generation so entirely unlike
your own? And how do you avoid toxicity in your relationship with this woman
who is, for all intents and purposes, your second mom?

Walking in a minefield could be easier than navigating the emotional
terrain with a mother-in-law, but it is better to think optimistically. So in
that spirit, here are a few ways to ease the frustration of this often awkward
relationship:Realize That Some Tension is NormalWhen you first married it might have come as a shock to realize just how different you and your spouse were raised-even if you come from similar racial and social groups. When you married these differences were likely amplified and the friction between your beliefs and his beliefs might have been very unsettling. The same holds true for your relationship with your mother-in-law. A little tension because of differences in background and belief is quite normal and nothing to berate yourself (or them) about. You and your in-laws will naturally see things differently. This can be a benefit in the long run as you both expand and grow in your relationship to one another.

Make Sure You and Dear Husband Are United

Even if your hubby is a mama’s boy when he married you his allegiance
should have changed to you. There is nothing more demoralizing for a wife than
to have her husband choose his mommy over her. It is also difficult for the
husband when his wife puts him in the middle of a spat with his mother.

What to do?

Communication with your husband about this topic, before and after marriage,
is crucial. If at all possible try to communicate directly with your
mother-in-law instead of using your husband as a go between. Refrain from being
unduly negative but let your husband know if you feel he is freezing
you out and has an unhealthy attachment to his mother. Only by being united as
a couple can you deal with in-law issues effectively. If after you talk to
him you notice that your husband is still very immature about his mother a
visit to a couple’s therapist might be in order.

Give Up Being Right

Something to keep in mind when dealing with your mother-in-law is that she
has a lot of emotion and expectation invested in her son. She nursed him and kissed his boo boos and counseled him in his teen years. She was there for most of his “firsts”
and, psychological cliché though it is, was the first woman in his life. That,
coupled with her life experience, might make her seem a bit bossy at times. She
might want to tell you how her little “sweetums” likes his eggs or the best way
to make a bed or dress your baby. Instead of interpreting her advice as a
veiled criticism, even if it is, take a deep breath and thank her for her
efforts. Choose to see her assertions and advice as well meaning by thanking her for her opinion. This does not mean you must or should agree to her advice. Remember: Everyone likes a dose of appreciation now and then. If you want her to listen to you it might be wise to let
her know that you can also listen to her. Sometimes all a person wants is some validation that they still matter, which can be especially difficult for a mother who has entered the empty nest phase of life.

Kindly Delineate Boundaries

If you don’t establish healthy boundaries in your relationship with your
mother-in-law she may never realize certain things she does are inappropriate.
As a couple you and your husband should decide how you want to integrate your
mother-in-law into your lives. Communicating your needs with your mother-in-law
can be done in a kindly manner; feathers may be ruffled but things will often straighten out in the end. Allowing for a healthy give and take is
essential in order to foster good communication and the possibility of future
friendship. An example of bad boundaries: Your mother-in-law decides to rearrange your house when you are gone and she is babysitting. In order to stop such behavior in the future you need to let her know, in a nice way, that you would prefer it if she would check with you first before she tidies up your food cabinets or moves your sofa. Good boundaries are formed when both families have mutual respect and consideration and, most importantly, ask how the other party feels about things before they do them.Parents who consider their children extensions of themselves or think they “own” their children have a very difficult time giving their adult kids the space to individuate and create boundaries. If this is the case in your situation try to have a firm but loving talk about your expectations for the relationship. Tell your mother-in-law how you love and respect her, but make it clear that there are certain things you and your spouse will and will not tolerate.A good book on the subject of boundaries is Martha Beveridge’s Loving Your Partner Without Losing Yourself.

Consider Her Feelings

It is easy to look at the world through the narrowness of our own opinions
and prejudices but when we do this it makes it harder to understand the other
perspective. Sometimes the best way to bridge the gap between you and your
mother-in-law is to consider her feelings. Don’t talk negatively about her son
to her. Don’t gossip about the family with her. Be kind and considerate. Be
gracious and grateful when she gives you a present or tries to connect with
you. How would you feel if you were in her shoes? Empathy is a two way street
and you might be amazed how different your relationship can be if you focus on
her feelings and thoughts instead of your own.

Try To Bond through Similar Interests

It might seem like you and your dear mother-in-law have absolutely zilch in
common. She prides herself on having been a homemaker whereas you are climbing
the corporate ladder. Keep asking questions and in time there is sure to be something
you have in common-even if it is only the man you both share. Ask her to
show you baby pictures of your husband or tell stories from the past. Be
prepared to listen and learn from her experience. And when you find something
in common try to spend time together pursuing your shared interest, whether it is
a girl’s day at the spa or a day riding horseback in the country. Outings to
the park or zoo with the grandchildren can be also being a great way to bond
with your mother-in-law.

If She Is Toxic Get outside Support

Most mother-in-law tension is normal and, with mutual respect and care, can
be replaced with friendship and mutual respect. Caveat: There are some mothers-in-law
who are pathologically controlling, bullying and show no respect of you or your
husband’s boundaries. Such mothers-in-law can go as far as to try to destroy
your marriage or hurt your children. If your mother-in-law is interfering with
your marriage in a negative way, and devalues you as an individual, it is
important to get some outside support and perspective. She may have a
personality issue such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder or suffer from another psychological issue.
There are several resources on the web that explore the unhealthy mother-in-law
relationship. One site, maintained by Dr. Terri Apter, is called Mother-In-Law
Stories (www.motherinlawstories.com). If you are having issues with your
mother-in-law it helps to share your story with others who are going through
similar issues.Should law enforcement make juveniles accountable or the parents? Anyone under the age of 18 years is considered to be a minor in most states.
If you ask 10 people how they feel about curfews for minors, you’ll probably get 10 different opinions. It isn’t any easy topic to find agreement on. Major towns and cities have had curfew laws governing teens but there are groups that will fight those laws claiming that they are unconstitutional.

“In the earliest years, curfews were aimed almost exclusively at keeping young criminals off the street. Today, new curfew legislation often tries to solve more complex social ills, such as the inability of parents to control their children and the alarming number of innocent children who are the unintended victims of drive-by shootings and other adult violence “according to Tony Favro, writer at CityLimits.com.

A group called Citizens Against the DallLaw Full Video (Official) Preet Harpal | Album: Waqt | New Punjabi Songs
Check out Preet Harpal official video song “LAW”. The music is composed by Jay Meet (Dope Productions) and lyrics are penned by Preet Harpal. For latest vide …

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Autopsy of a Professional Suicide©, Part One: The Curse of Perfectionism and Depression among Lawyers©

It’s one of those things you hear about on TV and the radio that you think you will never need to do. Until you are the victim of a personal injury, long term disability or traumatic car accident, choosing a personal injury lawyer is probably the last thing on your mind. But when you find yourself caught up in the traumatic consequences of such an event, seeking legal advice and compensation can become a necessity. It’s then that you have to think about where to look and how to go about making a claim; whether you are entitled to compensation and if so how much.
Act Fast
The most important thing to do is not delay! In every province there exists what is known as a statute of limitations, which sets a time limit on how long after an event a claim can be made; so the faster you act the more likely you are to see a positive outcome. Once the statue of limitations has expired, no damages may be sought – not matter the circumstances.
Seek Expert Advice
Each individual case is different; whether you are seeking damages for a driver’s negligence, liability in the workplace or disability insurance disputes, you cannot expect to know exactly where you stand without consulting a qualified legal expert. Testimonials, reviews and pages like this one can only offer advice; only a qualified personal injury lawyer can fully assess your unique situation and provide accurate guidance.
Don’t Give Up
Taking legal action against a person or company can be extremely daunting. Faced with the prospect of court rooms, legal fees and lengthy proceedings, many claimants back away before they have even begun. However, if you believe you have suffered an injury due to the carelessness of others, you owe it to yourself to stick with the process and find the right help.
Some insurance claim lawyers in the Toronto area offer free consultations, with no obligation to proceed. This is a great way to get advice about your individual predicament from a qualified expert who will have dealt with similar cases before.
Find the Right Firm
When you are ready to launch legal proceedings, you will want to choose a firm that is experienced, compassionate and has a high success rate. Share Lawyers are the leading personal injury lawyers in Toronto. They cover a broad array of claims including; disability and insurance coverage disputes, car accidents and serious personal injuries. You can get in touch with Toronto’s leading accident lawyers via their website: http://www.sharelawyers.comThis is Part One in a series of articles. Because it is the author’s personal story of events that took place over a period of many years, it cannot be contained in a single post. Please continue to follow this hub for additional postings on the subject.The Obituary read:

The Professional Career of Attorney Kathleen Striggow, a respected Northwest Ohio attorney in private practice for approximately twenty years, ended unexpectedly on March 3, 2004 in Toledo, Ohio in the office of Attorney Striggow’s lawyer, James D. Doe. The cause of death is as yet undetermined. An autopsy is being performed.
The career was born on May 13, 1985 in Columbus, Ohio when Attorney Striggow was admitted to the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Ohio. In its early years of practice, the career focused primarily in the area of personal injury defense with two prominent Toledo litigation firms. By the late 1980s, the career had established enough of its own private clients to open a general litigation practice focusing in employment discrimination, human resources consulting, and appellate work that continued until its premature demise.
A service, open to the public, will be held on September 21, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. in the Lucas County Courthouse.

What happened to cause this legal career’s extinction in the prime of its life? The untimely death of a professional career does not just happen overnight. What is the rest of the story–the circumstances and factors underlying this premature termination of a viable life? When there is more to a story than appears on its face, and in order to better understand why an event happened as it did, it makes sense to conduct an autopsy. An autopsy on a career is not dissimilar from an autopsy on a human being. This is evident by reading the meaning of the word autopsy as defined by Webster’s online dictionary:
1: an examination of a body after death to determine the cause of death or the character and extent of changes produced by disease . . . and 2: a critical examination, evaluation, or assessment of someone or something past.”1
Webster’s Concise Encyclopedia expands on the definition by clarifying that the dissection and examination must be conducted on a dead body to “learn about disease processes that are not possible with the living.”2
In this case an examination could not have been made while the career was alive and thriving. At that point there was no need to do so. It is only after the demise of the person, or in this case, the thing, that all the facts can be objectively scrutinized and the cause of death traced to its core. For almost nine years now I have been studying, examining and dissecting all the factors that contributed to the death of my professional career. For eight years I have been trying to write about it, but this is not an easy topic for me to think about or discuss. In the past, every time I tried, I felt like I didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, and not all the pieces I did have fit together properly. I felt I needed to do as complete a self-examination as humanly possible, and again that doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken years of intense therapy, and in my case, medication, to gain a full understanding of myself and my personality traits as they affected and contributed to the unfortunate circumstances that occurred. I needed to fully understand it myself before being able to accurately convey it to a reader.
Because the foundation of this article and the ones that follow is fact and honesty, I must also state that I hesitated writing it because I was afraid of bringing yet further humiliation, ridicule and embarrassment to my family and myself by my own hand. Did I want to open the wounds and risk subjecting myself and my family to questions, whispers, ridicule, denouncements and isolation? But, on the same hand, I have endured that now for nine years, and because I am a stronger person than I ever have been before, I feel that it is finally time to write about it and get it out into the open. As in the case of any other of our dark secrets, once they have seen the light of day there is no longer reason for whispers and isolation. I can hold my head up and know that what I did was the result of a combination of dynamics and forces, some voluntarily and others involuntary. My decision to continue to pursue this particular writing endeavor is also due, in a large part, to the encouragement of the faithful friends who openly supported me throughout my darkest days, have continued as my friends to this day, and have urged me to persevere with this project until its completion.3
Suicide is among the leading causes of premature death among lawyers.4 You can tell yourself you’ll be different, but statistically speaking, you probably won’t be. And while most lawyers don’t kill themselves, this doesn’t bode well for the law being your dream career.5

Practicing law was my dream career. By the time I entered high school and began thinking about a realistic career path, I wanted to be an attorney. I knew I would be a good lawyer. I had acquired a strong sense of right and wrong from my parents, I was instilled with high ethical aspirations by the influential figures in my young life, and I was not afraid to take a stand and speak out for what I believed were injustices to those who could not speak for themselves. Others may not have agreed with me, but I was persistent enough to hold my ground when I knew I was right. All these qualities, I believed, were important in an attorney. And the truth of the matter is that they are.
When I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, women became teachers, nurses, and secretaries. Female attorneys were the exception rather than the rule. Women worked in subservient positions, were presumed to be married by their early twenties, and stayed at home with their children. My father insisted that my sisters and I take typing classes in high school so that we could always find jobs as secretaries if we couldn’t find anything else. Sure enough, one of my sisters went to nursing school, one became a teacher, and the other a secretary. Not me. I wanted to be an attorney. I knew it was a relatively long higher education path but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed any type of learning and I enjoyed competing against myself. Long or not, I figured I could endure it. And frankly, that’s all law school is—an endurance test. Thus, I embarked on my college career with my goal clearly set in my mind.
As it happens in Bobby Shmurda Lawyer Says He Wants Him To be Tried SEPARATE from GS9!
DJ Akademiks Speaks on Bobby Shmurda Lawyer doing an interview and saying he wants him to be tried alone and separate from Gs9. Watch Full Interview …

Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firms, Attorneys, Legal Information. Lawyers
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20 Things You Will Never Hear From a Divorce Lawyer’s Mouth

It’s one of those things you hear about on TV and the radio that you think you will never need to do. Until you are the victim of a personal injury, long term disability or traumatic car accident, choosing a personal injury lawyer is probably the last thing on your mind. But when you find yourself caught up in the traumatic consequences of such an event, seeking legal advice and compensation can become a necessity. It’s then that you have to think about where to look and how to go about making a claim; whether you are entitled to compensation and if so how much.
Act Fast
The most important thing to do is not delay! In every province there exists what is known as a statute of limitations, which sets a time limit on how long after an event a claim can be made; so the faster you act the more likely you are to see a positive outcome. Once the statue of limitations has expired, no damages may be sought – not matter the circumstances.
Seek Expert Advice
Each individual case is different; whether you are seeking damages for a driver’s negligence, liability in the workplace or disability insurance disputes, you cannot expect to know exactly where you stand without consulting a qualified legal expert. Testimonials, reviews and pages like this one can only offer advice; only a qualified personal injury lawyer can fully assess your unique situation and provide accurate guidance.
Don’t Give Up
Taking legal action against a person or company can be extremely daunting. Faced with the prospect of court rooms, legal fees and lengthy proceedings, many claimants back away before they have even begun. However, if you believe you have suffered an injury due to the carelessness of others, you owe it to yourself to stick with the process and find the right help.
Some insurance claim lawyers in the Toronto area offer free consultations, with no obligation to proceed. This is a great way to get advice about your individual predicament from a qualified expert who will have dealt with similar cases before.
Find the Right Firm
When you are ready to launch legal proceedings, you will want to choose a firm that is experienced, compassionate and has a high success rate. Share Lawyers are the leading personal injury lawyers in Toronto. They cover a broad array of claims including; disability and insurance coverage disputes, car accidents and serious personal injuries. You can get in touch with Toronto’s leading accident lawyers via their website: http://www.sharelawyers.comHAVE YOU NOTICEDthat for some time now, lawyers have taken some funny verbal jabs from stand-up comics as well as the average citizen? Did you ever wonder why? I have. And I can only assume that, like everything else in life, it only takes a few to ruin a good thing for the sum of of the group.
Lawyers are no different. There are lots of decent, civil-minded and sensible lawyers. There are also the greed-driven, sue-for-anything-for-anyone, lawyers some dub as “ambulance chasers,” and the shady barristers of the law who bring to themselves bad press and seldom-welcome at the local country club.I DO WISH THAT MONEY
had nothing to do with the disillusioned shady lawyers who think success in law is measured by dollar signs in their bank accounts. But I can’t. Money can slowly and with such stealthy-devices, cause a once-good lawyer with ideals and common sense to become a person literally addicted to the big pay-out from yet another landmark lawsuit that they won by questionable practices.
But not to be melancholy, it is what it is. Sadly, all lawyers, divorce lawyers included, cannot be Perry Mason’s. And in my continuing writings about things not heard from certain people’s mouths and such, I am once again proud to present for your enlightenment and enjoyment . . .Why people divorce
Most folks don’t realize what it’s like out there in the deer woods. They don’t know the pleasure we hunters derive from primitive camps in the boonies. From tree stands on icy mornings. From shivering uncontrollably with cold and adrenaline, yet feeling a flush of warmth inside while watching deer do their thing – in the wild – unaware of our presence.
Deer hunting, for some, is simply a mechanical exercise that hopefully results in venison in their freezer. That, of course, is part of what all deer hunters are out there for – but most of us find something more out there in the woods where we do our hunting.
Putting that into words is the challenging part. Is it about pitting ourselves against a quarry that is well-known for its elusiveness and incredibly acute senses? Is it about the camaraderie we feel when camping and hunting with good friends and well-loved family members? Is it about the elation of making a kill? Is it about watching a doe with her young offspring, knowing that we will not shoot but experiencing a rush just the same? Is it about all the other wildlife we see while hunting?
The answer is yes.
It is also about freezing on a stump or in a tree stand. Realizing that you left your ammo or release in the truck. Eating freeze-dried-whatever around a too-smoky campfire made with wet wood. Broken lanterns. Stuck vehicles. Flat tires. Forgetting your compass and walking a few miles in the wrong direction.
Dropping your rifle; breaking your scope. Missing a big buck. Finding another hunter already in “your” spot. Having a deer in your sights when your rifle fails to fire (dammit). Sweating under clothing that was not quite enough on stand, but is too much for a hike – or for dragging a deer.
Getting stranded up a tree when you drop the bottom half of your climbing stand. ‘Coons in the groceries. Fearless bears that keep you looking over your shoulder. Slipping while crossing a creek on a log.
Sounds like a lot of negatives, doesn’t it? I guess it would, to the unseasoned or uninitiated. But the positives of deer hunting outweigh the negatives, without a doubt.
Deer hunting is not for everyone – not by a long shot. But for those who try it and like it, it is the best medicine around. Time spent hunting deer is good for learning, introspection, meeting new people, returning to our ancient hunting roots… and yes, for stocking the freezer with venison for the coming year.
Deer hunting gives us new stories to tell, new memories to savor, new peace within ourselves. And I never feel closer to God than I do when I’m out in the woods hunting.
If that’s not good for the soul, I don’t know what is.
- Russ Chastain
“20 Things That You Will Never Hear From a Divorce Lawyer’s Mouth”
“Uhhh, Mr. Baker, aren’t we being a bit greedy asking for such an elaborate amount of money from your spouse?”
“I will not go that vulgar length, Mr. Smith, and bring-up your wife’s torrid past so you can win this case!”
“Now, Mr. Jones, let’s take out time and talk this out. Do you really want a divorce?”
“Bonus? I refuse to talk to you, Mr. Alexander. I can win, but I will not accept a monetary bonus for doing so!”
“Well, Mr. Bigwell, did you really cheat on your wife with six different women?”
“Mr. Dickson, I am a lawyer with a lot of integrity and moral direction.”
“Mrs. Pennyworth, I cannot with good conscience, wreck your husband’s life even if he is an adulterer.”
“Mrs. Nolan, put away that blank check. I will have to think about taking your case.”
“Mrs. Peters, just because I specialize in divorce settlements, doesn’t mean I am all about the money.”
“Mrs. Cochran, uhh, would you consider going 50/50 with your wealthy husband?”
“Mr. Taylor, I do not use that awful term: take them to the cleaners.”
“Mr. Stewart, even though your wife hit you with a pitcher, cleaned-out your bank account, she is human after all.”
“Mrs. Crane, be sensible. Just tell the judge that this fight was all your fault, and we can settle this matter.”
“Mrs. Lawson, your husband having two mistresses only means he needs attention. I want you two to talk this out.”
“Mr. Douglas, I am aware that your wife slept with the handy man and plumber, but it was all an accident.”
“Mrs. King, maybe your husband had a lapse of sanity and ended up at that Motel 6 with that prostitute.”
“I am not going to exaggerate how bad your husband’s character is. I fear God too much.”
“I called you two in together so you can hug and forgive each other of this ugly misunderstanding.”
“I am not going to win your case, Mr. Jenkins, just so I will be named the managing partner of this firm.”
“Take it from me. My entire life and law practice is based solely upon fair play.”
Future Hub: “How to Know if Your Doctor is Unqualified to Take Your Case”Remember, folks
filing for a divorce is serious business. Make no mistake about this. A divorce, when granted, instantly changes the lives of two people, their families, friends, and children if they have any, forever.
You cannot come back from some divorces. Divorces, if the couple has literally let their relatioSuge Knight — Lawyer Says He Feared for His Life
Suge Knight’s lawyer tells TMZ he’s confident murder charges will not be filed because his client has a sold defense … mortal fear. Subscribe!

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Employee Rights: Can I Sue My Former Employer For Giving Bad References?

The best post conviction lawyer is one who is committed to uphold justice in all cases.
No matter who you are or what you have done, a great attorney believes that you are entitled to a fair trial, the presentation of all evidence in your case and receiving unbiased treatment from prosecutors and judges.
Before you hire a lawyer to represent you, here are some of the qualities that you can consider in an attorney…Your lawyer should have prior experience in handling post conviction issues. These type of cases require expert-level knowledge concerning the constitutional issues that are presented as well as the statutes that are at play in these cases. Your lawyer may also need to ground his or her legal arguments in fundamental constitutional principles, so he or she should have a strong grasp of documents like the Magna Carta.You should see that your attorney is passionate about upholding justice. When your case becomes complicated, a lawyer with a passion for justice will not back down. He or she will see that your case is handled with a diligent work ethic from start to finish.The lawyer should have strong analytical abilities and a keen awareness of the facts in your case. He or she should carefully listen to you as you discuss what has happened in previous trial matters. The lawyer will need to assert certain facts of your case to back up the post conviction claims that are made in a petition.The lawyer should have a knowledge of the specific state laws that govern post conviction issues such as prosecutorial misconduct, admission of DNA evidence, and other factors that can have a great impact on your case.Your lawyer should also have a specialized certification that enables him or her to practice before the Supreme Court. You never know whether your case will pose a constitutional issue that ultimately makes its way up to the Supreme Court.A lawyer must have superb writing skills, because judges will carefully review the petitions that are submitted on behalf of defendants. Judges want to be able to develop a clear understanding of a case based on the petition that is submitted.A persuasive communication style is essential since lawyers may need to appear in front of a judge. The lawyer may need to assert certain claims on behalf of a defendant at a trial.Post conviction cases usually require a filing of documents in both the state and federal systems. Usually, a lawyer will begin handling your case by filing a petition for post conviction relief in the state system. If the petition fails, then a lawyer will move on with your case by filing a petition in the federal system.Before post conviction remedies are sought, you will have the opportunity to file an appeal of your case. An excellent lawyer should have a strong understanding of the appellate court system. He or she should have experience in appellate practice to help you in the process of filing an appeal of your claim.Ultimately, the lawyer should be someone you can trust. If you do not feel a sense of trustworthiness with your current lawyer, then you should seek the services of a a different lawyer.It is important for you to invest your time in finding an excellent lawyer for your case. Arch McColl, anexperienced post conviction lawyer (in Dallas, Texas) will take the time to carefully review your claims and ensure that you have zealous representation for your case.What causes some lawyers to stray from the paths of truth and justice? How does one go from being a respected, highly ethical member of the bar sporting an unblemished record, to becoming a common criminal? Why would a successful attorney throw away a profitable career and opt instead for an orange jumpsuit and barred windows? I don’t have the universal answer to these questions. I can only speak to my own case, and by doing so, hope that some of the signs, symptoms and events to which I refer ring a bell for someone on the brink today, in time to prevent what might become another tragic ending of a life and/or career.There is a prevailing perception that the practice of law equates to wealth, prestige, power, and consequently the fairy tale, “happily ever after,” ending for those privileged individuals who select a legal career as their chosen profession. Unfortunately, this is a gross misconception as evidenced by the following facts. One survey cited by Martin J. Seligman in his article, Why Are Lawyers so Unhappy, revealed that 52% of lawyers indicated they were dissatisfied with their lives.1 The third leading cause of death among lawyers is suicide, behind cancer and heart disease.2 Male lawyers are twice as likely as the general population to take their own lives.3 The rate of depression among lawyers is 3.6 times that of other professions,4 and the American Bar Association estimates that 15 to 18% of lawyers and judges suffer from alcohol and drug abuse.5 That percentage represents a rate nearly twice the rate of the general population.6 The divorce rate among lawyers, especially women, also appears to be higher than the divorce rate among other professionals.7 Problems in areas such as gambling, eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, sexual addictions and the recent increase in internet addictions have all joined the lists of recognized abuses and addictions negatively impacting lawyers and judges.8 They are among the highest-paid professionals, and yet as a group, they are disproportionately unhappy and unhealthy. While many are retiring early or leaving the profession for another career, for some escape may be too late. Joseph Story, the distinguished United States Supreme Court Justice from 1811 to 1845, aptly stated that, “[t]he law is a jealous mistress and requires a long and constant courtship.”9 It is not unheard of for jealous mistresses to kill.
The above facts indicate that regardless of the wealth and prestige that may come with the career, lawyers as a whole are not happy individuals. If statistics aren’t enough to convince you, consider the following. From 2010 until June 5 of this year, at least 12 attorneys in the State of Kentucky alone committed suicide. Most of these victims were trial lawyers, all were men, and the average age was 53 years old.10 According to an article published in the Louisville Courier-News on Monday, June 3, 2013, Kentucky Bar Association officials stated that stress was believed to be at the crux of the suicides.11 I do not believe it takes a genius or a trained medical professional to reach this conclusion. If there were statistics available on the simple connection between stress and suicide, stress would probably be found to be at the crux of the overwhelming majority of suicides. As you already know if you have read Part One in this series of articles,12 stress physiologically causes a hormonal reaction in your body that causes depression. As also previously discussed, one of the characteristics common in lawyers and law students is perfectionism. Perfectionism, taken to the nth degree, increases stress and thereby exponentially intensifies the chances of depression.In addition to perfectionism, a second characteristic that plagues attorneys at a higher rate than most other professionals is pessimism. Studies have generally concluded that optimistic people do better in life. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, who studies positive psychology, says most optimists do better in life than merited by their talents alone.13 They work longer hours, invest and save more money, pay their bills more promptly, are less likely to smoke, and are more likely to remarry after a divorce.14 But the opposite is true in the case of attorneys. In law, Seligman states, pessimism is considered prudence, or good sense.15 Pessimism in this context is not the usual “glass is half empty, glass is half full” viewpoint; rather, it is the pessimistic explanatory style. This type of pessimist views the cause of negative events as established and universal facts of life, such as, “it’s going to rain forever,” or “that [situation, factor, incident] undermines everything.” The pessimist attributes negative events to pervasive, permanent and uncontrollable forces, whereas an optimist envisions them as short-lived and capable of changing.
For most professions, pessimism hinders performance. A pessimistic insurance agent will sell fewer policies and burn out more quickly than an optimistic agent. Pessimistic students get lower grades and score lower on achievement and college entrance exams than their optimistic counterparts. Pessimistic athletes have more substandard performances and a more difficult time bouncing back from poor game performance than do optimistic athletes. Take for example a pessimistic pitcher or catcher in baseball. Studies have shown that they do worse in close games than optimistic players in the same positions.16 While pessimists may be considered losers on many fronts, there is one conspicuous exception, and that is lawyers. Why is this true?
PI Wanna Be a Lawyer
Emma goes to the Supreme Court to find out what a day in the life of a lawyer is like. Want to see more career videos from Student Edge? ↓ Click here http://…

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Newton’s law of universal gravity

Ever since the tuberculosis bacterium and its transmission modes were identified in the late 1800s, municipalities across the country have struggled with enacting and enforcing effective laws against spitting. Unlike anti-smoking laws, which are well-enforced, anti-spitting laws are not, even though spitting has been and is known to put the public’s health at risk.
Despite energetic public health education and awareness campaigns that were mounted across the country from the late 1800s right through the 1950s, and despite the many laws against spitting which ensued, spittle-strewn streets are still commonplace in our American towns and cities, from sea to shining sea.
Why Is It Difficult To Enforce Laws Against Spitting?
As early as 1886, medical doctors knew that laws against spitting would be ineffective, even though it was generally acknowledged that tuberculosis could be transmitted through sputum. From The Medical and Surgical Reporter, a Philadelphia medical journal of the time, comes this reasoned explanation:
A law against spitting must not aim higher than the average sentiment of the policeman, the police court judge, the janitor, conductor or care-taker, upon whom its enforcement must depend. It must not too much curtail the highly prized “personal liberty” of the two-legged swine, against whom it is directed…
In other words, those who would enforce the law were already guilty of breaking it and would have no intention of mending their ways.
The full article is fascinating. If you’d like to read it, click here, enter the word spitting in the search box, then select the link to page 563.This same societal ambivalence was noted by J.M. in his eloquent letter to The New York Times in 1901 entitled Spitting Nuisance :
For a year and a half I was a daily passenger on the Third Avenue elevated line. My trips were made in the early afternoon, at which time scarcely a day passed when there were not from one to five “bluecoats” [policemen] in the car in which I was riding…I kept count, with the result that four-fifths of these officers were observed to break the law [against spitting].
J.M. also noted that no-spitting signs were posted clearly within the cars and stations of the transit system; however, the word used on the signs was “expectorate” rather than “spit”. At first, according to his letter, he wondered if the men in blue simply didn’t understand the “expectorate” word. But after eighteen months of observation, he put his wonders aside.
(You can read the entire letter here in PDF format.) The most common harmful bacteria in a sputum culture are those that can cause bronchitis or pneumonia (Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Chlamydia pneumoniae) or tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Mycoplasma, a group of organisms similar to bacteria, can also cause a type of pneumonia.  
There are fungi there, too. 
From Yahoo Health. Ninety-five years later, not much had changed in New York. To mark the 100th anniversary of the enactment of the city’s law against spitting, The New York Times published these words in May, 1996:
Adopted to prevent the spread of disease, the law hasn’t changed much in a century. Sidewalks, public transit and buildings (floors, walls, stairways) are still taboo targets…Could a hawker do hard time nowadays? Not likely, says…an eight-year veteran of the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau who has never issued a $25 summons for spitting. And no judge in recent memory has imposed the maximum 10-day jail sentence.Big cities are not the only ones to face this dilemma. In 2003, the small community of Palmyra, New York reviewed their local ordinances with an eye to revising outdated laws and penalties. Among the proposals was the suggestion to increase the fine and jail time mandated by a 1909 law banning public spitting. The Village Board left the law intact, but increased the fine to $250 and the jail term to fifteen days. Interestingly, the townspeople found themselves at odds over this proposal, with many calling it ridiculous, even dinosaur-like. Palmyra’s code enforcement officer noted that he has never charged anyone with spitting in the past, but if he’s told to do so now, he will oblige.Most people agree that spitting is repulsive, disgusting, and potentially dangerous.  One would think it would be a simple matter to legislate against it.  But there’s very little that is simple about the relationship between spitting and the law.  The following cases illustrate the convoluted legal paths judges, juries, and even law enforcement officials are asked to walk when spit is involved.In Creek County, Oklahoma, where it is a felony to place bodily fluids on a law enforcement officer, a man received a life sentence for spitting on a police officer. It took the jury only fifteen minutes to decide. Now think about this for a minute: What would have happened to this gentleman if he had spit on you, you who are not a law enforcement officer? In all likelihood, nothing would have happened, since this law doesn’t protect the average citizen, and there is no simple anti-spitting law on the local books. (To be fair to the county and the gentleman, the harsh sentence was levied under the local repeat offender laws. Apparently, this gentleman had been very bad for a long time.)In Chicago, in 2003, a young man was arrested for spitting on the street.  Chicago used to have a ban on spitting on a public street, but it was repealed in 1997.  The arresting officer was not aware of the repeal.  Needless to say, the charge against the young man was dropped, but his mother threatened to sue the city for civil-rights violations against her son, claiming that the arrest was racially motivated.  Meanwhile, 211 spitting tickets were issued after the ban was lifted, the violators paid their fines, and, as of 2003, the city was attempting to issue refunds.  If this case boggles your mind, you have plenty of company.Moving along to the west coast, Seattle’s citizens have faced similar confusions in their battles with twisted spitting legislation.  Do you know that it is not against the law to spit on the sidewalk, but it is against the law to sit on one?  The reported tongue-in-cheek explanation for this convolution is that the law protects citizens from sitting in spittle.For as much as most people detest the habit, and for as prevalent as anti-spitting laws are, there are surprisingly few convictions.  Some say that more education is needed about the health dangers inherent in spitting.  Some say that it’s a communications problem, as we saw in the Chicago case.  What I say is that the root of the problem lies in the answer to the question, why do guys spit?© 2009 Sally’s Trove. All rights reserved.How to Cope With Your In-Laws. Why would anybody write about that? What person in all of history has been more vilified and had more derogatory jokes told about them than a mother-in-law?
Alas, mothers-in-law are not alone. It seems all in-laws get a bad rap. However, is it justified? Unfortunately, in many cases, yes. Scheming, controlling, manipulative, interfering, judgemental in-laws have been talked about since there were in-laws. Don’t get me wrong, there are a fortunate few who have wonderful in-laws and I might add, they should be very thankful! So I chose to write about how to cope with your in-laws for those who don’t have a stellar relationship with their in-laws; mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, any in-law.Do you believe that SHAKESPEARE said, “Don’t try to remake yourself into the person your in-laws want”. You know there are things your in-laws will tell you to do. You don’t have to do them just because your in-laws say so. You don’t do everything everyone tells you so why your in-laws? Talk about it with them, but first talk to your spouse so you make sure you are on the same page, don’t expect your spouse to always do your talking for you. Talk to your sister-in-law yourself, after making sure you’re on the same page as your spouse.
In December, CNN Health carried an article entitled “In-laws can help — or hurt — your marriage”. The article, not surprisingly, found that in-law ties are more difficult for women to maintain, especially daughters-in-law. “…since women are constantly analyzing and trying to improve their relationships, they often take what their in-laws say as personal and can’t set the clear boundaries.” They [in-laws] are a permanent part of your life and they’re not going away! As long as you are married to this person anyway.
Your in-laws are not your parents so they don’t have to love you. In fact, they don’t have to like you either. Normally, they accept you because of your spouse and hopefully over time they will accept you as one of the family and maybe come to love you. Remember, just as it is an adjuElissa – “Law” from “Law” series / “اليسا – اغنية “لو” من مسلسل “لو”
Elissa performing Soundtrack from “Law” series / إليسا – لو Listen & Download to all Elissa’s songs on : http://dl.yala.fm/11blwE3 :انضموا لقناة إليسا الرسمي…

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Find A Lawyer Guide

So you’ve done it. Somehow you have gotten together thousands of dollars and retained a divorce attorney. Maybe you were like me and interviewed and called dozens, maybe you hired the first lawyer you found on Google.
What will your divorce lawyer do for you? Pretty much file paper work and bill you an ungodly amount of money per hour. In my case it was $290 an hour. I thought about that. At $290 an hour, my retainer would be depleted in just a couple of days charged time. Don’t forget the lawyer will charge you for travel time, to and from the court house. The lawyer will charge you for each and every phone call. Have you got a question and think maybe the answer is simple? Send the lawyer an email? Think twice. That’s chargeable time.
Court costs are not mentioned when the lawyer talks money with you. Mediation cost $120 an hour, paid for by both parties involved in the divorce. Basically the lawyer will do nothing for you other than follow the date of mediation and then show up. No preparation was done in my case. Even though I was filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery, it was never mentioned. Seemed to me that I was on the defensive most of the time when I felt that I had done everything I could to try to save my family. My wife slept with men she met in bars. Could the lawyer at least bring something like this up. I had proof. I spoke to a man who admitted he slept with my wife. I wanted the lawyer to earn the money. Nope. Nothing. No guidance as to what would happen over the next several months. Just….I need a huge retainer. I hired my lawyer and 3 months later my retainer was gone. I’d like to know where $5,000 goes in 3 months and we still had not gone to court. I was now getting billed for another $1,000. How could I come up with that? I had borrowed against my 401K just to get the retainer. That was no longer an option.
About a month after the retainer was depleted I got 2 more bills. One of the bills had a memo inside telling me that the law firm could no longer represent me unless I “repleted” my retainer. Nice. Hire a lawyer with your life savings. A lawyer that told you she cared about your kids and knew what you were going through because she too was a product of divorce.
Now I have a letter telling me “We need $1000 or we are done with you”. So much for integrity. I got the money. I ended up completely cashing out my 401K account and giving another $1700 of my life savings to a lawyer. I now knew, my lawyer never cared for me at all. She cared about dollars, and lots of em. She called me 2 days before Christmas last year. “about your bill, Oh yeah hows the kids”. This is word for word. I will never forget the call. I was struggling to buy Christmas presents. I drove a piece of shit car that I bought at an auction for $650 and she needs $770. I told her “You’ll get your money”. I was in the process of trying to get a mortgage to save the home for the boys. I did say to her “right now you are not very high on the payment priority list” and then wished her a Merry Christmas and hung up.
A month went by and I got another letter from my attorney. Now she writes “unless this office receives full payment of $810 then the office would be forced to file the attached form at the local court. I looked at the attached document. It was a small claims court law suit form. My divorce lawyer was now threatening to sue me. Not only that she had tacked on a $40 review of case fee and interest.
I called her that minute. You told me you cared about my boys. She was cold and terse. I said you will get your money. She wanted me to put it on a Discover card. I said no. I can hardly afford to pay for oil and food and she wants me to tack another $810 on a Discover card that had a 30% interest rate. Why is the rate so high? Because the great deal I got in divorce, mediated by my lawyer has me paying child support (although I have 50% custody) and all the tuition for my youngest son to go to kindergarted because my home town has no kindergarten program. I told her I would try to pay something soon.
About 2 weeks later I got the form. I was now officially being sued. I was irate. I had given this bitch $7000 of my life savings and she wants more. The filing of the case cost money and now that was also on the bill. The $770 bill was now $890. at this rate it will be over $1,00 soon. Who cares I thought. Now I will do everything I can to make her wait. I called her one last time. She had been consisitently late every time we had to appear in court. Not by a few minutes either. One time by about half an hour. I had one question for her when I called that day. Me: I got your letter telling me you are now suing me
Divorce Attorney: I am not going to discuss this now
Me: Are you gonna be in court on time that day?
Divorce Attorney: I am not going to dicuss this now
Me: Are you going to be in court on time that day? (louder)
Divorce Attorney: I am not going to discuss this now
Me: (yelling into the phone) ARE YOU GOING TO BE IN COURT ON TIME THAT DAY?
Divorce Lawyer: Maybe not
Bet she will be.Any time that you are faced with a legal matter, it is serious.  You need to find a lawyer that is competent, experienced and affordable.  However, oftentimes, navigating the world of lawyers and courtrooms is confusing and frightening.But, it need not be.  Like any other important decision, if you do your homework and make a careful selection, conducting an attorney search can be a low stress event.  Read on to learn how to find and attorney that will meet your needs.Depending on the seriousness of the legal matter, you should take some time to narrow your choices to attorneys that have some (or a lot) of experience in the area of law that underlies your legal problem. Although your state’s bar association will not make a recommendation concerning a particular lawyer, you can search the state’s website to find a lawyer that handle your legal matter. Out of the fifty states, twenty-three states have some sort of board specialization whereby the state bar association certifies an attorney as a specialist in a certain area of the law. It is worth noting, however, that absence of board certification does not mean that an attorney is not an expert, it just means that he or she has not taken the time to jump through the hoops to become “board certified.” So, in your attorney search, board certification is a factor, but not the only factor.Not every legal matter requires a lawyer. For instance, you can get really great software to generate professional contracts, wills and powers of attorney. Most of these use a question and answer format to generate a customized legal document.
In addition, many counties and cities have public law libraries. You can find form books on those libraries that provide examples of contracts, wills, powers of attorney and even revocable living trusts. Some of the form books provide a very good explanation of the law underlying the creation of these documents.
Sometimes, however, you need to find an attorney to handle more complex legal matters. You need to find a good attorney anytime a matter is likely to be contested or potentially involves a large sum of money.
Read below for a detailed discussion of how to find the right lawyer for your complex legal matter.Once you have found a group of lawyers and narrowed your attorney search, the referral of a trusted friend or associate is usually a reliable way to further narrow your choices. For instance, if you know someone that has been through a personal injury compensation claim, then certainly ask whether they were satisfied with their legal representation. In doing so, do not necessarily focus on the amount of money won or lost (settlement agreements prohibit disclosure of those amounts). Sometimes, people exaggerate the amounts that were recovered in their case. Instead, focus on other factors such as client contact, speed of resolving the case, personal contact with the lawyer and so forth. All experiences, both good and bad are vital forming an informed decision about a particular personal injury lawyer. With the invention of the Internet, you might be tempted to believe that you can conduct your lawyer search by simply typing “find lawyer” or “find attorney” in the search engine. Sorry, no such luck. However, the internet can be used to assist in your attorney search or to research a potential attorney after you have narrowed your choices.
Online Referral Services. Online referral services are usually subscription based. For a fee, they will place the attorney (along with a list of his qualifications) into their online database. When you use one of these services to find an attorney, you are actually searching their database for an attorney in your area that has paid to be included in the database. State Bar Website. As mentioned above, state bar association websites can be useful to find a lawyer who is board certified. However, no I Wanna Be a Lawyer
Emma goes to the Supreme Court to find out what a day in the life of a lawyer is like. Want to see more career videos from Student Edge? ↓ Click here http://…

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How to Read Tarot Cards: Part 3 – The Court Cards of the Minor Arcana

the differences between individuals makes giving specific brand or item
descriptions for wooing impossible. I would be a lunatic to say give the girl
some Wheaties or take her to a Mongolian Barbecue even if such advice proved to
work in one or two cases. That being said there is much to wooing that leaves
room for methodical action and uniformity of tactics. Here is a list of good
habits to get into if you are serious about wooing a woman:

first thing any man wishing to woo a woman is to either have a flawless memory
or stoop to using pen and paper to take notes. Believe it or not, there is
enough to learn about any woman that wooing them often requires the same skills
as passing any college class.

schedule a date on a day or night where time is at issue unless you are both
professionals and don’t have time to make such considerations. Even then, if
neither of you can make time then any serious relationship will probably die
for lack of watering like the proverbial neglected plant.

sure that the manners you present before you get married or move in with her
aren’t temporary shifts in behavior. Bad manners will turn any victory into
defeat. What is the point of wooing if you are just going to let the one you
supposedly cared about enough to put on the dog slip through your hands?

move in with a woman until your wooing has helped you to conclude that she is
actually someone you want to marry. Your wallet will thank you for it latter.
Things get ugly when you take the wooing process lighter then she will. Once
you are in the same space she has laid claim on you and you should act the

important dates and relationships that she will outline for you in your
discussions on the back of your hand if you have to. In a woman’s mind, being
forgetful in such matters is the same as being inconsiderate. That is one fight
you really don’t need to get into.

stop wooing. Wooing a woman is a life long prospect; if you have any illusions
to the contrary, you probably aught to fix that.

woo a woman if you can’t honestly respect her family and cultural traditions.
Between the two of you, you may be able to find a hybrid culture that you can
jointly live with but go in with the understanding that she isn’t the one who
needs to bend to your cultural stand point.

them shopping often in the most eclectic places you can come up with for your
area. A little extra gas pays dividends. Even if you never buy anything on
these trips it does you a lot of service to pay attention to the smells,
trends, and appetites of the woman you are wooing. When she isn’t looking take
notes and be as specific in your data collection as possible. Add restaurants
names and dishes she prefers. You will have plenty of time in private to make
connections and thus formulate additional locations and forms of wooing.

the subject of restaurants, I find that it is helpful if you make the choice
into a game where each of you picks an aspect of a perspective place. Insist
that she picks first and make your pick complementary to a notch above the kind
of cooking she is accustomed to. A word of warning in this is that you probably
should come up with locations that people you know won’t necessarily look for
you. It does you credit to have friends but realistically you need time alone
to talk and investigate her wants and needs and intruders can make that
difficult to impossible.

get yourself in a situation where you are forcing her, due to your economical
circumstances to step down to your level. The movies make it look like it might
work but when push comes to shove there aren’t many women who really desire to
go without for very long and money is as good a reason to divorce as any. If
you have your sights set high enough to complement the life she expects make
sure you follow through with any promise of this kind that you make in the
early stages. She won’t forget and will likely remind you of it often if you
ever try to get comfortable before you have kept your word.

of edit to the advice about not forcing a woman to step down. Women I have
found are not by nature materialistic really. As much as you shouldn’t consider
disappointing them in their future expectations of comfort, a woman will take
emotional support and validation over things and gifts any day of the week and
twice as often after you marry her. If you are silly enough to consider wooing
a woman who lives in a method beyond your ability to maintain it, know that she
will expect you to make up the difference by her standards in time, love and
care and the amount she will need will be entirely at her discretion.

have never seen any point to not dating multiple women in the initial stages
but only woo one at a time and don’t break it off for any other relationship
until you have both called it quits. Not only does the prospect of doing in
depth analysis of more then one woman at any one time cause a lot of confusion
in your mind but if anything goes wrong it will leave you high and dry with a
bad reputation. Practicing fidelity when you are actually searching for a wife
which is what I am taking as the meaning of Wooing to be is good practice and
will tell you if you can stand being in her presence with nothing but her needs
on your mind for any lengthy period of time.

excuses to be alone with the one you are wooing at least twice to three times a
week and don’t feel obliged to tell her what is going on. If you find that she can’t
get away from whatever leave her a gift. Flowers often work but sometimes you
will find that other things work better.

the subject of flowers: Don’t always go for the roses unless she really digs
roses. If you are paying attention to the notes in her perfume and things that
she likes when you take her to places like Body
Works or Sephora there will pop up on conversations other flowers that
actually mean something to her. If you can come up with a collection of these
flowers that doesn’t give you hay fever or by all definitions stink when put
together, you will get more credit for that bouquet then any ten you sent her

out what she wants and needs in the relationship and see if you can and will
live up to that on a long term basis before you even consider asserting your
needs as you fulfill her requests that she may not assert in a demanding way.
If you ignore this peace of advice you probably will end up with a lot of time
on the curb as it were.

notes are a must. If you have to get an unlimited text plan do it. She will
need to know that you care as often as you can express it. You will find out
latter that she probably kept all of them. Make sure they are heart felt and it
might not be a bad idea to keep the ones you send as she may ask you to repeat
what you wrote and explain yourself late.

closing if you want to successfully woo a woman you will need to love her for
the person she is and get use to the fact that you will spend every waking
moment trying to make her shine as a person brighter and brighter. She needs to
be the treasure that you count in value and embellish at every turn for the
rest of your life. Any imperfections that you notice but ignore before she lays
claim on you is probably something you really aught to forget permanently. If
you treat her as the treasure she should be, those little things will seem less
important over time. The issue is just as simple and complicated as that.

There are many terms used in our legal system that are not in English. This is done to keep the common man ignorant of exactly what a certain Law or phrase means. Knowing that ignorance is no excuse to break the Law, they write the Laws in a language that cannot be understood by the majority of the population.
This is intentionally done to scare you into a plea because those Latin terms are terrifying, and not understandable. By making our Law Systems above the intellect of the common man they retain control over us.
Take the time to educate yourself, if you are in Court and you are not able to understand what is being said, ask questions.
Even if you are represented by a lawyer do not just let things go by that you do not understand. It is very simple, ask the Judge to define and explain everything to you that you do not understand.
Do not be coerced into taking a plea or settling for less then what you think is fair and just.
SPEAK UP! Tell the Judge you have questions concerning Court procedures. If you do not understand what you are being charged with, how could you make an intelligent plea.quidquid latine dictum sit altum viditur. Whatever is said in Latin seems profound.

a fortiori. “with even stronger reason,” which applies to a situation in which if one thing is true then it can be deduced that a second thing is even more certainly true.
a posteriori. relating to or originating by reasoning from the observation of facts
a priori. from what was before.
ab incunablis. fromThe Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 S18E59 (Full Episode)
“Tenant Turmoil” Season 18 Episode 59 S18E59 The Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 S18E59 (Full Episode) The Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 …

Court – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Supreme Court of the United States
Superior Court of California – County of San Diego
Alaska Court Records

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California 1947: The Last Documented Court Case of Black Slavery In America

Well, I got a ticket for being in the carpool lane. (I wasn’t trying to cheat, I swear! There was hardly anyone on the road and I didn’t see the signs…) I really disagreed with the ticket the officer gave me (unlike my prior speeding ticket… I definitely was speeding). I went to the traffic court to contest my ticket, and I must say I learned quite a bit from the experience. Here’s what I have to say after watching everyone at my arraignment in the traffic court go before me:It can’t really hurt to go to an arraignment: It doesn’t cost any more money to go to the court, and the worst that can happen is you pay the full amount you were charged with beforehand. Of course, you may go and make a fool of yourself, maybe even annoy judge, by having no good argument. Get there early! You might not be let in, or if your case was already called, it might be too late and you would have to schedule another arraignment.Dress appropriately: Show the same respect to the judge and court that you want back.Turn your cell phone or other gadgets off! If a cell sounds off, the bailiff will happily kick your butt outta there. For that matter, don’t talk too much while you’re waiting, either. Use the bailiff to your advantage: If your bailiff seems like an okay guy or gal, go ahead and ask before the court is in session what you can do to try to reduce or avoid your charges. The bailiff knows all about the judge and what he or she will or won’t go for. The bailiff has also seen enough cases in court and witnessed what works and what doesn’t. If you’re guilty, the first word out of your mouth should be “guilty”: Don’t start with an explanation of why you are contesting the charges. The first thing the judge wants to hear is your plea, so don’t make him or her mad by coming up with excuses immediately. If you want to explain or make a request, then follow up your plea with it. Keep answers short: The judge doesn’t want to hear stories or other redundant or superfluous facts. He or she only wants to know what’s relevant to the case so a ruling can be made and you can get the hell out of there. Ask for a reduced charge: A lot of people flat-out asked if they could pay less and have the fees and charges reduced. Reasonable excuses are if you are unemployed. The judge may be inclined to reduce charges by significant amounts. Your traffic school fees may even go down! Think carefully before saying “not guilty”: It’s true that if the officer doesn’t show up to your trial, then the case is dismissed. But you might end up looking like a fool if he does show up and contradicts your arguments, and you’ll just have to pay the full amount anyway, and perhaps additional costs for assessments and such.Request community service: If you don’t think you can pay the charges, ask if you can do community service hours instead. The number of hours may be high; for my $396 ticket, the equivalent was 40 hours of service. A girl who didn’t pay the $2 to use the public transit system had to do 25 hours of service. What to expect: If you arrange an arraignment after you go to court, don’t expect to see an officer there. He only comes if you plead “not guilty” at the arraignment and a court trial is scheduled. The first cases taken care of are ones that were put off from previous arraignments, such as ones that included extensions for payment. Cases requiring defendants to only show proof of documentation and such, like licenses or receipts, are done earlier as well. Then it seemed like cases are taken care of in the order of the date of the incident, with earlier ones first (not exactly in order, but for the most part). These quotes are from a book called ‘Disorder in the Courts of America’, and are actual things people said in court, quoted word for word by reporters present at the time, who were challenged to stay calm and not fall about laughing whilst these exchanges were taking place.The quotes here are not new to the Internet, but I am guessing many of my Hub friends may not have seen them before and will appreciate the chance to enjoy the laughs as much as I did when I was first given them.Attorney: Are you sexually active?Witness: No, I just lie there.Attorney: What is your date of birth?Witness: July 18th.Attorney: What year?Witness: Every year.Attorney: What gear were you in at the moment of impact?Witness: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.Attorney: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all?Witness: Yes.Attorney: And in what ways does it affect your memory?Witness: I forget.Attorney: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot?Attorney: How old is your son, the one living with you?Witness: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can’t remember which.Attorney: How long has he lived with you?Witness: Forty-five years.Attorney: What was the first thing your Husband said to you that morning?Witness: He said, “Where am I Cathy?”Attorney: And why did that upset you?Witness: My name is Susan.Attorney: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in voodoo?Witness: We both do.Attorney: voodoo?Witness: We do.Attorney: You do?Witness: Yes, voodoo.Attorney: Now Doctor, isn’t it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn’t know about it until the next morning?Witness: Did you actually pass the bar exam?Attorney: The youngest son, the twenty-year old, how old is he?Witness: Uh, he’s twenty-one.Attorney: Were you present when your picture was taken?Witness: Would you repeat the question?Attorney: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th?Witness: Yes.Attorney: And what were you doing at that time?Witness: Uh…Attorney: She had three children right?Witness: Yes.Attorney: How many were boys?Witness: None.Attorney: Were there any girls?Attorney: How was your first marriage terminated?Witness: By death.Attorney: And by whose death was it terminated?Attorney: Can you describe the individual?Witness: He was about medium height and had a beard.Attorney: Was this a male or a female?Attorney: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney?Witness: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.Attorney: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?Witness: All of my autopsies are performed on dead people.Attorney: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go to?Witness: Oral.Attorney: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?Witness: The autopsy started around 8.30 p.m.Attorney: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?Witness: No, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy on him!Attorney: Are you qualified to give a urine sample?Witness: Huh?Attorney: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?Witness: No.Attorney: Did you check for blood pressure?Witness: No.Attorney: Did you check for breathing?Witness: No.Attorney: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?Witness: No.Attorney: How can you be so sure Doctor?Witness: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.Attorney: But could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?Witness: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law.Arizona’s new law SB1070 has caused a huge national controversy, even though it is enjoying nation-wide and state-wide support. It is understandable many have fears that the law can be abused, Both President Obama and Mexican President Calderon have expressed their opinion so. In fact, ACLU and others have vowed to challenge it in court, and Obama had ordered the attorney general to take a close look at the AZ law. It is my opinion that any challenges in court will fail, and I will explain why. However, I must emphasize I am NOT a lawyer or a law student. Thus, these opinions are purely that of a lay person, with some basic understanding of the laws in question. If you do know law and you find some mistakes, please let me know. In order to challenge a law in court, one must demonstrate that the law in question is in conflict with an existing law, and the conflict must be resolved by the court, who then must rule. The resolution can be a full overturn, or explain that there is no conflict, or anything in between. The primary approach expected to challenge SB1070 is the preemption argument, which is sometimes known as “Supremacy Clause”. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and some constitution law scholars claim that Arizona law is preempted by Federal immigration laws. The US Constitution specified that only Federal government may enact and enforce immigration laws, not the states. Thus, Arizona law is preempted by the Federal laws on immigration. The secondary approach is the rights argument, specifically 14th Amendment, in that States shall pass no law abridging any citizen or lawful resident of their Federally guaranteed rights. Their argument would be that the normal citizen or legal resident rights are violated by SB1070, and therefore SB1070 must bThe Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 S18E59 (Full Episode)
“Tenant Turmoil” Season 18 Episode 59 S18E59 The Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 S18E59 (Full Episode) The Peoples Court – December 11, 2014 …

Court – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Supreme Court of the United States
Superior Court of California – County of San Diego
CourtView Justice Solutions

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What to Buy the Father or Father-In-Law Who has Everything

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia (KSA) is nothing like anywhere else in the world that I have ever had the opportunity to work. They enforce their rules to the letter and the punishments are severe. For a foreigner anyway, most Saudis in the Kingdom would just get their wrists slapped and be told to be good!
You also have to remember that your employment is linked to your behavior, if you were arrested for drinking or womanizing for instance you would not only find yourself jailed and deported you would also lose your job and any accrued benefits that you may have. So that one drink could lose you a huge amount of money if you were expecting a few months tax free bonus at the end of a couple of years hard work there in Saudi.
It is also one of the most Hypocritical societies that I have ever encountered, for a society that preaches constantly about not using alcohol and the sanctity of the virtue of their women, the queue to leave the country at the end of the working week over the bridge between Khobar and Bahrain is at least 4 to 5 hours long. The queue is mainly Saudis, and I don’t think they are all going to Bahrain to visit the Mosques there. Maybe the fact that there are many bars and nightclubs where they can drink and chase women (not the sort of women you can take home to mother I hasten to add) I think has more to do with the length of the queue. But maybe I am wrong, maybe if you visit the bars there you can let me know!
Even within the kingdom it is very easy to find just about anything you want, on or off the compounds where most expats live. Most Saudis that I know have a bottle of two of the strong stuff hidden away for when they have visitors. So it is very much a case of “do as we say, not as we do” when working in Saudi Arabia.
That being said; with high wages and generous benefits it is a hard place to ignore for employment and many expats (myself included) would rather endure the restrictions placed on us to work there and make that extra tax free cash.
Just in case you are ever fortunate enough to visit Saudi Arabia or are going to be working in Saudi Arabia I summarize the main rules, regulations and laws that you need to know below;
Please whatever you do follow these rules, especially in public places as Saudis take their traditions and their religion very seriously. They are not known for their leniency towards foreigners who break their laws and their prisons are for punishment not reform.If after reading this you still want to work for a company in Saudi Arabia earning high wages and paying no tax; you can read this article by the same author.
Working as a Saudi Expat, a full guide to living and working in Saudi Arabia.You have to carry your passport/visa with
you at all times unless you have your residency card (Iqama), once you have
this you must keep it with you at all times. If you get stopped with no valid
ID you will be treated like an illegal and taken off to jail, most of the
police officers do not speak (or choose not to speak) English and will not
generally be helpful.

If you are with a woman, she best be your
wife and you must either have an Iqama that shows this or carry your marriage
certificate.Prayer; Muslims pray 5 times per day, here
in Saudi Arabia EVERYTHING stops and shuts for prayer, this takes 20-30minutes
each time. So if you are going out check the prayer times before you go or you
will end up sat waiting! You will know when it is prayer time as every mosque
will start to call for prayer, the first compound I stayed on had 4 mosques
close, one just off each wall. They call for prayer starting at dawn, if you
are a light sleeper this will be when you get up everyday!

When prayer is called every business will
close, you will be asked to leave smaller shops but large supermarkets will
allow you to wander and fill your trolleys during prayer, although I did
witness once in Riyadh
a group of matawa (religious police types) drive everyone out of a supermarket
at prayer time, but that was once!When working in Saudi Arabia you have to dress
respectfully, no vests or shorts in public as a man and women must wear an
Abaya (Long black dress/cloak covering the entire body) at all times outside
and cover their hair. Most foreign women do not cover their hair, however it is
good practice to bring a headscarf at all times and if requested to cover your
hair do so without argument!No pornography, this can cover a surprising range of items, whatever you do don’t bring any with you when you arrive to work in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), glossy magazines with scantily clad women will be classed under this category. Remember this country goes around cereal boxes and other items in the supermarket covering up naked flesh using a big black marker pen!
I often get asked about whether your laptop and other devices will be searched when you come into the country; I have yet to find anyone who has ever had this done or even knows anyone that it has been done to. While this is not a likely thing to happen to you it is probably best to ensure that anything out of the ordinary is hidden away from the usual directories on your computer.
I have however known several women who have had cell phones snatched and searched by religious police or mutawa; quite frankly most of these guys are just looking for an excuse to take women from less well off countries away and abuse them. Be very careful with what you have on your cell phone if you are a woman and in an area known for predatory mutawa.No Bacon Sandwiches in Saudi Arabia, they don’t just not eat pork it is illegal as are all pork products. If you are caught with pork the pigs will throw you in the slammer!
If you know someone however able to open a tin can without leaving any evidence you can easily smuggle in bacon in a can disguised as fruit or something else. Not that I have ever done this (too often)! Forget banning alcohol, this is the biggest problem when living in Saudi Arabia.If you can’t mix with the opposite sex you may be asking yourself how you will ever meet the partner of your dreams. This guide to dating in Saudi Arabia is the answer.Unless you are
married or a direct blood relative you are not allowed to mix in private with
someone of the opposite sex, however this is also generally extended to in
public also, so walking and talking to someone of the opposite sex is likely to
get you into very hot water, if not jailed and deported. Again, your origin
will also affect how you are treated here, as a westerner I have never been
stopped or questioned with any woman nor have any of my friends, but it does happen so beware (I hasten to
add that I am actually married!) However I have both seen and heard frequent
reports of Filipinos and Indians and the like being stopped and arrested.If you want some additional information about dating in Saudi Arabia you can have a look at my hub about this subject using this link.Segregation of the sexes is upheld
“religiously”, if you go to a restaurant, even a fast food joint such as
McDonalds, there is a “single’s section” which is for the men, and a family
section which is for women, and for families. Even within the family section
there are often screens arranged so that one table cannot see another so that
everyone is isolated.When working in Saudi Arabia you will find that the sexes rarely mix in the workplace, the women being required to have their own areas within the workplace.If you have an affair be warned, the
penalty for adultery here is death and the penalties for a woman even
“consorting” with a man can run to many lashes! Even a rape victim here
recently was lashed and the husband called for the death penalty for her
“infidelity”!When Saudi men meet they will often kiss
each other on the cheek, as will the women. However do not think that this
gives you the right to kiss your wife in public! Affection between men and
women is not tolerated in public. It is ok to walk hand in hand with your wife,
but no kissing and cuddling, even if meeting in the airport for the first time
in a year, control yourself until you get somewhere private.

If someone tells you to stop doing something
stop straight away, do not argue the right or wrong of it! It is best to remove
yourself from the area as quickly as possible in these situations in case
people decide that further action than telling you to stop doing something is
required!Do not swear or make obscene gestures,
people are easily offended (or choose to be offended just to give you trouble)
and things can escalate out of control, if someone takes a dislike to you
remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. The general rule
here is that a Saudi is always right, as a foreigner even if you are in the
“right” in a dispute, if the dispute is with a Saudi you are wrong! Otherwise
the decision tends to go along the origin route, a middle eastern gentlemen
will always be given preferential treatment over a westerner (unElissa – “Law” from “Law” series / “اليسا – اغنية “لو” من مسلسل “لو”
Elissa performing Soundtrack from “Law” series / إليسا – لو Listen & Download to all Elissa’s songs on : http://dl.yala.fm/11blwE3 :انضموا لقناة إليسا الرسمي…

Law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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